Here you will find new ideas, as well as novel audio circuits and transformers.
These are not the same that were popular over half a century ago, but new ones that ensure a significant improvement of the quality of the sound.On this site, you will discover a new philosophy, based on extreme simplification of sound reproduction devices. You will also learn about a novel line
of output and interstage transformers, that have been exhaustively tested, patented and described in many wellknown specialized magazines. You will be able to ask the author and the tech-team, on a one to one basis, questions about the circuits and products that interest you. The answers you will receive will be comprehensive, in-depth explanations. Finally, you will notice that your mentality will adjust to the innovative drive of designing and building audio amplifiers and some of their accessories.
You will be invited to submit suggestions, ideas and proposals with absolute confidentiality.

Part One –Absolute direct coupling solutions in Audio Amplifiers.

Direct coupling means avoiding the use of coupling capacitors as much as possible.
. is the system that connects the driver unit to the power unit in an absolutely intimate way, relegating the capacitors to the power supply unit, where they are essential.

Describing the Direct Coupling Modulated Bias layout
Comparing the DCMB to existing similar circuits
More on the DCMB
Advantages of the DCMB
The hidden side of the DCMB effects.

Part two – Suitable transformers that increase the sound quality

The SC-OPT – self compensating, for Single Ended amplifiers, with its outstanding feature: the “Flux escapes”.

transformer using one magnetic circuit for both channels. Its unbelievable frequency range fills the stage with a warm, consistent and crystal clear sound.

The 4x4 Transformer – requiring pair(s) of valves and ensuring full self compensation. It also avoids the need of matching the valves used.

The YxY transformers family, combining the merits of the above transformers (self compensation, extended range, absolute channel separation, auxiliary power level and frequency controls).

Be ready to learn about the future developments of our audio transformers.

Part three – Kits .

Used and tested for over 8 years they will save you a lot of time and problems, in building your own amplifier, to your requirements.

The universal phase splitter
The universal driver
Complete amplifiers, ranging from 5 to 60W and more
Selected components for high end diy amplifiers

Part four – Papers


  1) Which Amp to choose and which is the best OPT to go with - by Ari Polisois

  2) The “cockroach feeling” -by Aksé Pyrobrain

  3) Time lasting amplifiers ? - by Leo Polisois

  4) My philosophy - by Gianni Mariani

  5) A capacitorless amplifier - by Ari Polisois


  6) Modélisation de l’amplificateur SPARTANO - by Pierre Touzelet (in French language)


  7) Il dipolo "Angela" part 1 - by Vincenzo Grosso (in Italian language)


  8) Il dipolo "Angela" part 2 - by Vincenzo Grosso (in Italian language)

  9) Don't pay attention to them... - by Aksé Pyrobrain


10) SPARTANO amplifier - by Pierre Touzelet


11) SPARTANO - by Ari Polisois


12) The 6C33c-b and the beauty of the low anode resistance audio valves-by Ari Polisois


13) European Triode Festival 2009 - by Ari Polisois


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