Kindly note that you can send your enquiries through the “Contacts” window, but also direct to the following e-mail address:

Before that, please check if said address is still active or if it has been replaced by a new one.
To get fast answers :-

a) please give some details on the purpose of your enquiry, such as the destination of the products asked for. For instance, for an output transformer : single ended amplifier using the following valves …. Idle anode direct current in the range of … mA. Expected power output …. Watts Expected frequency range … Hz to … kHz at … -1 ( or –3) dB. Other useful details on the amplifier
b) an indication of your skillness level in audio-electronics (for instance : “I have built several kits, and/or designed and/or built X amplifiers etc.”.  
c) Difficulties experienced before getting a satisfactory result.  
d) Possibly your main activity ( Govt. employee / Consulting / Retired, etc.)  
e) If you also build other items related to sound reproduction ( loudspeaker enclosures, transformers, etc.).  
f) Your Country ( and possibly town ) of residence.  
g) Your e-mail address.  
h) And, if you do not mind : your age.  

The above information will be treated as highly confidential and the purpose of collecting the
mentioned data is just to ensure the best services and products, to your full satisfaction.

IMPORTANT : We are also available to consider designing, building and testing special versions of the products we manufacture and assemble, if they do not differ too much from our standard range.


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